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Alma Zevi -
David Murphy and Sofia Stevi, <i>holiday home</i>, 2017
James Capper, <i>Atlas Mill I</i>, 2016
James Capper, <i>Atlas Mill W</i>, 2016
James Capper, <i>Atlas Mill B</i>, 2016
James Capper, <i>Atlas Mill Z</i>, 2016
Juliana Cerqueira Leite, <i>R2</i>, 2017
Freddy Dewe Mathews, <i>Nunc Stans</i>, 2014
 Freddy Dewe Mathews, <i>Untitled</i>, 2014
Luke Hart, <i>Fractal Weave Structures IV and V: Sculptures for Climbing, (maquettes)</i>, 2016
Steve Hurtado, <i>As One</i>, 2017
Tom Lovelace, <i>Coastal Blocks Nine</i>, 2016
Tom Lovelace, <i>Coastal Blocks Thirteen</i>, 2016
David Murphy, <i>Untitled</i>, 2015
David Murphy, <i>Untitled</i>, 2015
Sofia Stevi, <i>reclining woman</i>, 2017
Sofia Stevi, <i>cushion 4</i>, 2017
Sofia Stevi, <i>cushion 5</i>, 2017
Elisabeth Wieser, <i>Holiday Home #19</i>, 2015
Elisabeth Wieser, <i>Untitled</i>, 2016
Elisabeth Wieser, <i>Untitled</i>, 2016
Elisabeth Wieser,<i>Ausstieg#14</i>, 2016

David Murphy and Sofia Stevi, holiday home, 2017

James Capper - Juliana Cerqueira Leite - Freddy Dewe Mathews - Luke Hart - Steve Hurtado - Tom Lovelace - David Murphy - Sofia Stevi - Elisabeth Wieser

Holiday Home

6th August 2017 — 20th August 2017

Open by appointment

ALMA ZEVI, Celerina
Chesa Marolani, Giassa da las Barrieras, 19
7505 Celerina, CH

Holiday Home is a survey of all nine previous artists-in-residence invited to the Engadin by Alma Zevi, since 2012. The show reflects the multi-disciplinary nature of the artists’ work by including sculpture, installations, drawings, photography, painting and video. Each of the selected pieces were made in response to the residency, be it from just days or weeks after leaving the Engadin, to several years later. The aim of the exhibition is to gage the diverse and deep impact that the experience left on the artists’ working methods and subject matters. The tongue-in-cheek title of the show is borrowed from one the resident artists, Elisabeth Wieser, who used it as a title for a collage she made in 2015.

All the artists who participated in the residency left an urban metropolis behind (be it London or Athens, Munich or New York), and enjoyed the mountains even more as a result of that change. The site-specificity of the work they produced has been consistently impressive in its conceptual, technical and aesthetic sophistication. Each artist produced new work in the Engadin that was an homage to the immeasurable beauty of this place, while conveying the difficulty for an artist to compete against the majestic backdrop of the mountain landscape. The ways that these artists have risen to such a challenge is sensitive and topical, varied and experimental, questioning and intuitive.

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