Maria Nepomuceno

Karl Blossfeldt

Maria Nepomuceno Karl Blossfeldt

Maria Nepomuceno

selected works

June 17, 2016 - July 30, 2016

ALMA ZEVI is proud to present a two-person show of the contemporary Brazilian sculptor Maria Nepomuceno and the turn-of-the-century German photographer and teacher Karl Blossfeldt. Working 100 years apart, these two individuals explore the sensual architecture of nature in radical ways.

This occasion marks the first time that Nepomuceno’s sculpture, Untitled (2013), has been exhibited. This complex sculptural installation succinctly encompasses the breadth of the artist’s materiality and vocabulary of forms. Adjacent to the sculpture hang works by Karl Blossfeldt (photogravures executed in 1929). Blossfeldt’s stark but beautiful, encyclopedic images of plants are now recognised as a seminal contribution to the history of photography. This exhibition hopes to encourage a dialogue between old and new, and the enduring theme in art that is our human experience of nature. Between form and formlessness, abstraction and representation, the two artists work with natural elements in challenging ways - presenting a distorted or magnified view of our familiar world.