Esme Hodsoll

Esme Hodsoll, Eggs, (At Night), 2020


Esme Hodsoll (b. 1992, London) first studied at Pennighen, École de Direction Artistique et Architecture Intérieure, in Paris before attending the Royal Drawing School, London. Hodsoll was awarded the Richard Ford Award, and in 2017 participated residencies at Dumfries House, Scotland and at the Prado, Madrid. Hodsoll’s practice is largely comprised of paintings and works on paper that focus on scenes of portraiture and landscape. Of particular interest to the artist are scenes that appear in the domestic or studio space. Hodsoll’s scenes breathe with life, which is reflected not only in her choice of subjects but also through her skillful hand. Her years of artistic travel leading to Scotland, Greece and Spain aided Hodsoll in her close study of light, which lends itself to embedding life and action into the artist’s renderings of landscapes, portraits, and scenes of quotidian domesticity.

One of Hodsoll’s works is included in Ways of Drawing: Artists' Perspectives and Practices published by Thames and Hudson in October 2019. Hodsoll recently had her first solo exhibition at ALMA ZEVI Venice (2021), where the artist completed a residency in 2020. Esme Hodsoll currently lives and works in Paris.

Esme Hodsoll, Hand on Marble, 2019
Esme Hodsoll, Spanish Bun (shadows in the night), 2017
Esme Hodsoll, Man in Denim, 2015
Esme Hodsoll, Self-Portrait Scotland, 2018
Esme Hodsoll, Buttercups and Rubbish, 2018-2020
Esme Hodsoll, Girl in a Room, 2016
Esme Hodsoll, Boy in Bed, 2016